The request command

Requesting leave is very simple with LeeveBot, it all starts with one command.

To request leave use the command:

/leevebot request

You will be presented with a dialog form to specify a start date, end date and an optional reason for the leave request.

On submission the request is sent for approval to one of your teams approvers.

For power users you can append the leave start and end dates to the command to prefill the dialog when it appears:

Prefill the start date, example:
/leevebot request 20/11/2018

Prefill the start and end dates, example:
/leevebot request 20/11/2018 to 24/11/2018

For Approvers
As an approver you have the additional option to request leave on behalf of someone else on your team. Use the same command:

/leevebot request

And your dialog form will have a menu to select the team member.

Requests made as an approver on someone else's behalf are pre-approved as the approver making the request. A notification is sent the team member informing them the request has been made.

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