The feeds command

You can subscribe to a personal or organisation wide calendar feed to see leave requests in your favourite calendar app. To get started use the following command:

/leevebot feeds
You'll be presented with several options:

Personal Feed: Will generate a subscription feed of only your approved leave requests.
Organisation Feed: Will generate a subscription feed of all your organisations approved leave requests.

Clicking either of these options will prompt you to add the feed to your calendar automatically.

Set a name for the subscription and an auto-refresh interval and you're good to go.

The users leave comment and who approved the leave request are added to the calendar event description.

Adding your calendar manually (e.g. Google Calendar)

If you'd like to add your feed to a calendar manually, follow these steps:
(In the example below we'll use Google Calendar)

Use the /leevebot feeds command to bring up your feed options:

Click the 'Get Feed Urls' button to bring up a dialog

Select and copy the URL of the feed that you would like to add to your calendar.

Next, log into your Google Calendar

Click the + icon next to 'Add a collegue's calendar' as indicated below

Once prompted, click 'From URL' and you'll be presented with the following screen:

Paste in your URL and click 'Add Calendar'. Once added it will display in your 'Other calendars' as shown below:

Note: You can use settings to make changes, such as the name of your calendar, permissions, notifications and more.
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